Jarod was here.

hacker emblem This is pretty sparse at the moment. The links below point to some of my current hobbies.

Other cool links:

MUD links:

I haven't developed since Rhovania (a MudOS game) shut down.

Music links:

People I wish I had been able to meet:

Test-Driven Software Development

Also, if you are so inclined, some code to help jumpstart test-driven coding (in Perl).

Software Development

Finally, a few pages on current best-known-methods.

[FSF Associate Member #1284]
I support the Free Software Foundation because I use a ton of their excellent software. This includes emacs, gcc, gdb, bison, flex, and others.

Also, to inject some sanity into our current national malaise, I found "How to destroy the Earth" by Sam Hughes

And where do you hail from?

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