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I've been interested in metalwork for a long time. However, it never seemed realistic until I ran across the series by David Gingery which are published by Lindsay Books. So, winter 2004 I decided to give it a try. It's been fun, challenging and helped me learn to push through roadblocks and always keep trying. Maybe you will also get inspired to try something new! I subsequently found Stephen Chastain's manuals which are helpful to continue to improve your foundry practice. The next level for me is to try Iron casting. I'll post any progress in the Foundry Log. UPDATE: We finally were able to melt cast iron (Oct 2009). I haven't gotten any pictures yet but you can see a short video on YouTube.

Pictures/Movies (courtesy of Rex Bosse) from 2010 Oregon SteamUp

Casting Iron in a crucible

Pictures from GEARS demos

Held at its new venue, the Oregon Rail Heritage Center Saturday and Sunday, Sept 28, 29 in Portland, Oregon.
No pictures yet.
No pictures yet.
No pictures available. I worked this show by myself and it is *way* too much work for one person.

These are a few of the areas which I've been able to document:


Electronics Notebook
Foundry Log and Pictures
Foundry CheckList (I always forget something)
Foundry Equipment
Pattern Book and Pictures
Metalworking Equipment
Materials and Temperatures
Tooling Examples
Friction Coefficients Chart
The Blacksmith's Craft and The Blacksmith's Illustrated Guide
Akin's Laws of Spacecraft Design
Useful Yahoo Groups: castinghobby gingery_machines hobbicast cupolacasting

Shop Tool List

Grizzly 6" JointerIn Service
JET 12" Disc SanderIn Service
JET 17" Drill PressIn Service
Power King 12" BandsawIn Service
AMMCO 7" ShaperSold To Pay for G&E shaper
Gould & Eberhardt 20" ShaperIn Service
Gingery 7" x 24" LatheImproving Carriage Design
Gingery 6" ShaperOn Hold
Takisawa 14" x 40" Engine LatheIn Service
Shizuoka 13" x 43" Milling MachineIn Service
Peerless Power HacksawIn Service
Gingery Dividing HeadCasting
Portland Power HammerPlanning

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